Course Selection

*New students /families will receive course selection information & instructions from the Guidance Office. Be on the lookout for the email to begin the process! The below information/format is for returning BFA students.

Academic Planning Guide

The Academic Planning Guide portion provides an overview of BFA’s academic program and some considerations in post-secondary planning, with information about four-year planning, course selection, graduation requirements, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit opportunities, and online and independent learning options.

The Course Catalog portion contains descriptions for BFA’s courses. This section is organized by content areas (departments). This is helpful because graduation requirements vary by content area.

Academic Planning Guide
BFA Courses 2022-23

BFA List of Courses

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BFA Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits Notes

English 4

Mathematics 3

Science 3

History 3 (Worldviews required of all seniors)

Language 2 (2 consecutive levels of one language)

Extra-Core Req. 1 (1+ additional year of History, Language, Math, or Science)

Bible 2 (.5 each year at BFA)

Fine Arts 1 (the classic arts: drawing, music, theater)

Practical Arts 1 (the modern skills: computers, woodworking, etc)

Health .5 (BFA course)

P.E. .5

Addt’l Electives__ ____2 __ (any courses)

Total 23

Course Selection Considerations

When looking at your student's course selection, keep the following in mind:

  • BFA graduation requirements (your student's Guidance Counselor will be checking for this)

  • Alignment of coursework with future plans (esp. if planning to apply to non-US universities)

  • Prerequisite requirements (both for desired courses but also for prerequisites for courses desired in the future)

  • Academic Rigor that is appropriate for your student to push them but not overwhelm them

  • School-life balance (keep in mind your student's other time commitments such as sports, theater, music, university application process, etc)

Also note that there is an AP readiness evaluation process that your student will need to go through for each AP requested. Be sure your student goes through this process if they desire to take AP next year!

Course Selection Forms

Your students will go over course selection with their Guidance Counselors to look over their 4-Year Plans. Parents should review these drafted Course Selections with their students. The signed forms will be returned to Guidance after Spring Break. If a student and parent are not able to connect and review the course selection forms in person, parents can email their student's Guidance Counselor a list of the courses to give their approval as a sort of virtual signature/confirmation.

These forms are templates shared with the community at large. To make an editable copy for your student, please select "File --> Make a Copy/Duplicate" in the top, left corner.

Course Selection Form Grade 8 --> 9

Course Selection Form

for rising gr. 9 Students

Course Selection Form Grade 9 --> 10

Course Selection Form

for rising gr. 10 Students

Course Selection Form Grade 10 --> 11

Course Selection Form

for rising gr. 11 Students

Course Selection Form Grade 11 --> 12

Course Selection Form

for rising gr. 12 Students