Logging in to PowerSchool

Parents - Logging in

This section covers:

  • Create your Parent PowerSchool ID

  • Sign in to PowerSchool

  • Add New Student to Existing Account

Create your Parent PowerSchool ID

Please follow this guide step-by-step to claim your parent account. If you have any problems claiming your account, please send an email to registrar@bfacademy.de.

  • Go to https://bfa.powerschool.com

  • Click the Create Account tab and then click the Create Account button.

  • Enter the information requested, and click Enter.

    • The Access ID and Access Password are individual to each student and, if you do not already have this information, can be requested by emailing registrar@bfacademy.de.

    • Note: this is an individual account. If both parents wish to share a login, please create this account with only one parent's name. If parents have different emails on record with the school, choose the parent name whose email is used for this account.

    • Parents who are also BFA staff: you must use an email other than your bfacademy.de email to claim a parent account.

Sign in to PowerSchool

  • On the page that you just reached, enter your PowerSchool ID and password, and click Sign In.

    • If you encounter troubles at this stage, try this out:

      • Go to https://bfa.powerschool.com/guardian/home.html?ac=logoff

      • Return to https://bfa.powerschool.com

      • Enter your Username and Password, and click Sign In.

Add New Students to Existing Account

    • If you have previously claimed an account and need to add new students, sign in as usual to https://bfa.powerschool.com/public

    • On the left navigation, click Account Preferences, then select the Students tab.

    • On the top right, click ADD.

    • Complete the information using the Student Access Code and Student Access Password you’ve been sent and click OK.

      • "Relationship" will generally be “Mother” or “Father” - select what matches the name of the parent account holder.