PowerSchool App

While it is possible to use the PowerSchool App and we have some information about this below, using the browser view is still our recommended method since the app sometimes has connection issues. BFA does not develop either platform, but we have seen consistency in the browser view.

This section covers:

  • Logging into the PowerSchool App

  • What is accessible in the App

    • Dashboard

    • Options at the Bottom of the Dashboard

    • Other Options

When you first load the app you will need the District Code. Enter LQTS for the BFA code.

Then you will need the Username and Password that you created when logging into PowerSchool through the website app. If you have not used your Student Access Code and Student Access Password to claim your PowerSchool account, please click here.

What is accessible in the App?

Dashboard: This will give you a quick view of all the classes your student is enrolled in for the period of time selected.

Selecting a Term to view: At the top right of the white section of the Dashboard there is a drop-down to select which term you would like to view.

  • For High School, select the semester option. Since the grading is by semester, this will show your student's current grade in the classes.

  • For Middle School, select the quarter option to see your student's current grade in the classes.

Options at the Bottom of the Dashboard: Upcoming, Recent, and Status

Upcoming: This will show the upcoming work for all classes.

Recent: This will show the recent work done by the student and the point received/letter grade for the assignments

Status: This will show three options: Missing, Incomplete, and Late. This shows assignments that have those flags.

Other Options: At the bottom of the App you will notice that there are several options: Classes, Calendar, Schedule, and More.

Classes: A listing of the classes your student is enrolled in for the term selected at the top of the page. Here you will want to select the relevant Quarter.

Calendar: A listing of the assignments that are due on a certain date.

Schedule: The students schedule on that day or a day selected.

More: You will find information about your account/your notification settings, school information, help regarding the app, and basic information about the app.