Grades and Attendance

Grades and Attendance: Checking grades

The Grades and Attendance page shows the grades by quarter as well as the semester grade. For High School students the semester grade determines the transcript grade and GPA.  For Middle School students the semester grade will be shown on the report card. Quarter grades report a running score up to that moment.  At the end of quarter 1 or quarter 3, the grade will become fixed, whereas the quarter 2 and 4 grades continue to update and accurately reflect the semester grade combining both quarters for the semester grade. For High School students, if you have questions about specific weighting in a course for the student, please see contact the teacher of the course.

You will also see the past two week's attendance records on the left and the year totals on the right.

On this page, you can click a grade for a specific class to see the Class Score Detail page for that class.

Note: If you see the letter "I" (for Incomplete) in the semester grade column for your student, that means that your student is missing one or more summative assignments. Once it has been submitted and assessed, the current grade will be displayed.

If you scroll down the page past the grades, you will find a section called Attendance By Day.  This is a consolidated view of the attendance information above.

End-of-Term Information: next you will find a section called Current Term Teacher Comments as well as the student's GPA info (GPA for High School students only).

Semester grades are locked after a specific date, communicated to you by the student's principal. The only changes that are made after that date would be in the event of incomplete assessments. Screenshots showing the Teacher Comments and GPA on the Grades and Attendance page are shown below.